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In 2018 St. Georg was officially certified as a partner "Healthy Land"

Quality promise of the "Healthy Land" host

These quality promises are an excerpt from the criteria that we fulfill as quality host "Healthy Land". In addition, we provide further additional and election criteria.

We are health-conscious and have trained employees who are informed about regional health-tourism offers and possibilities and support you individually.

We offer an organization and reservation service for your planned health appointments (eg massage, cure, doctor).

We attach particular importance to the hygiene, the equipment and room atmosphere of our house - nature and clean air are natural in our house. For special needs, we are happy to customize equipment details.

We pay particular attention to the healthy, sustainable and regional diet . Therefore, we largely refrain from special packaging and provide regional products with their origin. We also support you with special diets.

We offer special health tourism offers for your vacation. If not directly in our house, then through cooperation with specialized specialized institutions.

We provide space for your sports equipment and will be happy to help you get active.

Our promises in detail

  • Facilities: We attach utmost importance to cleanliness and hygiene throughout the house. On request, we change your sheets and towels, depending on your needs. We offer rooms with low noise, a harmonious room atmosphere and without the annoyance of cigarette smoke. For a restful and healthy sleep, we offer you a good bed quality, which can be adjusted and changed on request.

    Nature means well-being for us, so we attach great importance to the greenery of our house and the possibility to book a balcony or terrace. Depending on your needs, we also offer extra spacious bathrooms. On request, we prepare our special rooms for allergy-friendly for you (eg mite-proof duvet covers, pre-cooking the sheets, bedding without down, animal-free or plant-free rooms). Of course our parking spaces directly at the house are there for you free of charge. As we pay particular attention to our environment, we pay particular attention to ecological and economic sustainability (eg energy-saving lamps). In addition, the nearest bus stop is less than 500 meters away, so you too can do something for our pure nature. 
  • Diet: We pay particular attention to good, sustainable and regional products in our food. Therefore, we try as far as possible to dispense with separate small packaging, to offer an abundant selection of fresh fruit or vegetables and to make the origin of our food. We are happy to assist you in the search and organization of other meals.

    We are the first and only house on the Tegernsee, which is officially certified organic.

    Depending on your needs, we are happy to support your individual diet or consider any incompatibilities.
  • Service: We attach great importance to service-oriented and competent employees who will gladly assist you in all questions and planning. Therefore, we have at least one employee who has been specially trained in health tourism issues. He will gladly advise you on the regional offer and will help you with any questions. We commit ourselves to presenting health as a core area in our own offer. Therefore, you will find appropriate information, cooperation partners or our own offers. We will also be happy to personally inform you about current possibilities, hints or services. We are happy to assist you in the field of health tourism, for example by arranging appointments with healthcare providers, providing information or organizing your health trip with you.